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Made a discovery that's too good to keep to yourself?

Whether you solved a family mystery or were inspired by one of your ancestor's lives, we love hearing about our customers' favorite stories. Take a quick video and tell us what you learned—and be sure to include how Ancestry® helped. You could be chosen for an upcoming marketing campaign or featured in a post on our Facebook or Instagram channels.

1. Make a short video.

Not sure what to say or how to say it? Here are a few thought starters:

  • Talk about a discovery that had you immediately reaching for the phone to share
  • Tells us a story you uncovered that gave you a deeper connection to a family member
  • Share a story that surprised you and your family members
  • Tell us what it feels like to share your family history

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See how Ancestry® member Krista Murphy told their story.

• Keep it short - 2 minutes or less

• Use landscape (horizontal) if possible

• Center yourself in the camera shot

• Speak clearly, succinctly, and naturally

• Keep background noise to a minimum

• Don't add music or video effects - just tell us your story!


2. Send us your video.

Submit your video file to us along with a few more details about yourself so we can reach out to you about your video.

• Please change the file name to include your first and last name

• To upload your file, click "Choose File" and select to either take the video with your camera, or select a video from your "Gallery" or "Library"

• If you accidentally choose the wrong video just click "Choose File" again and select the correct one

*Please note, uploads are limited to files that are 125MB and smaller

Drag 'n' drop or click to select file