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Traditions. Stories. Discoveries. What's the thing that brings your family together?

Has Ancestry helped you understand your family history and DNA—and represent it? We want to hear more! Whether you've learned more about your heritage, preserved your story for future generations, or made new discoveries, tell us how Ancestry® has helped your family. You could be chosen for an upcoming marketing campaign or featured in a post on our Facebook or Instagram channels.

1. Make a short video.

Not sure what to say or how to say it? Here are a few thought starters:

  • What did you discover with Ancestry®? (be sure to mention records or family trees)
  • How did you preserve your family story?
  • How does Ancestry help you represent who you are?

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See how Ancestry® member Victoria Vincent told their story.

• Keep it short - 2 minutes or less

• Use landscape (horizontal) if possible

• Center yourself in the camera shot

• Speak clearly, succinctly, and naturally

• Keep background noise to a minimum

• Don't add music or video effects - just tell us your story!


2. Send us your video.

Submit your video file to us along with a few more details about yourself so we can reach out to you about your video.

• Please change the file name to include your first and last name

• To upload your file, click "Choose File" and select to either take the video with your camera, or select a video from your "Gallery" or "Library"

• If you accidentally choose the wrong video just click "Choose File" again and select the correct one

*Please note, uploads are limited to files that are 125MB and smaller

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